Hello Everybody!

Today i am sharing another free webhosting service by Biz.Ly. Like other free hosting services it has got great feature to talk about. It is fast reliable and efficient. So if you are looking for a free website to start with Biz.Ly is the right choice for small scale website.

Let have a look on the Features of this free website hosting.

  • 50 MB of FREE webspace
    + 1000 MB monthly bandwidth
  • FREE Domain Name address
    such as www.yourname.biz.ly
  • 3 FREE subdomain hosting
    e.g. subdom.yourname.biz.ly
  • 3 FREE Email addresses
    such as you@yourname.biz.ly
  • Easy FREE Website Builder
    + many free web page templates
  • FREE Blog & Photo Album
    plus Guestbook, Hits Counter, Webrings, Corkboard, Form Mailer, Site Copier, and many more
Biz.ly also provides affordable and advanced web hosting packages that offer much more powerful and reliable website hosting services than free hosting servers can ever archive, including more web storage and monthly transfer, as well as php web hosting, mysql databases, ftp access, frontpage, etc.

If you are making a website on small scale then Biz.ly is the right choice but it has many drawbacks such as it doesn't provide php web hosting, mysql databases, ftp access, frontpage, etc.
so i wouldn't recommend going with Biz.ly unless your website isn't versatile. 

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