Hello Everybody!

Everyone hates long URLs or Domain Name and if you have a free hosting plan then then mostly you are having a long domain name and not appealing to the public as well.
So question is what to do know?

Well here Lies the solution.

There are many websites which provides URL redirection and also provides Free domain names according to your needs, these Domains names are much appealing to general public and much shorter as well.

One of the best free Domain name and URL shortness service is provided by Dot.Tk.

Wait Wait Wait!!

Dot Tk is not finished here, Dot tk has its own ambassador program so any registered user can be a ambassador and then after collecting a certain fishes he can buy certain things from Barter Market its very easy and anyone can do that.
e.g you can purchase your own .tk registered domain only at 75 fishes all you have to do is to refer your friends to dot.tk.

You can Also download their software and rename any long link on the MOVE.

I am also using dot.tk for two years and its worth using, easy, efficient and reliable.

So what are you waiting For!